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Brianne Bindschadler

Certified Dog Trainer
Experienced in Cat Behavior Modification
Servicing in and around the Pittsburgh PA area
Assistants Lilly (dog) and Trinity (cat)

My Story

After turning sixteen I was excited to start volunteering at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society walking dogs, cuddling cats, and exercising rabbits. It wasn’t long before I was trained to feed, clean, and care for kittens and mother cats waiting to go to foster homes.

One winter, when few kittens were surrendered to the shelter, the foster program director filled the foster kitten cages with behavior problem cats and taught me behavior modification techniques to help these cats become adoptable. I learned a lot about cat behavior and felt very passionate about helping these cats live happier lives.

Following high school, I attended Sanford Brown University and received an Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology. Then I worked as a Vet Tech at a small animal hospital for about 4 years. I eventually realized that I would rather help an animal emotionally than physically. I am very glad there are vets to care for animal’s physical wellbeing, but veterinary medicine was not the place for me.
So I resigned my position to dive deep into animal behavior and training techniques, including spending over 100 hours shadowing dog trainer Krista Lancy and completing the FernDog Trainer Academy taught by Fernando Camacho. I learned so much from both experienced trainers.

My passion is to help dogs and cats, and their human family members, to live more joyful lives through modifying and teaching behaviors. If you are looking for assistance giving your new dog or cat a great start in their new home, stopping an unwanted behavior, or reaching a training goal from basic manners to passing a therapy dog test, I’m here to help. I want to help you work towards a better relationship with your pet.

My Training Style

Every animal is different. Not only are dogs different than cats but every individual is unique. So, I start with my knowledge about what is common behavior for your pet’s species (dog or cat) and, as I learn more about the individual, I customize my training plan to be the most effective for your unique pet.
There is not a one-size-fits-all training method, so I strive to be an open-minded trainer. By focusing on the animal’s state of mind I can get to the heart of the issue, resolving the root cause of the problem. Positive reinforcement is one of the methods I use most.

If you would like me to personally help you with your cat or dog, you can head over to my services page or directly to my contact page.

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