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“Brianne is a very knowledgeable dog trainer and goes above and beyond to answer questions or address concerns.   We adopted our dog from a shelter when she was one and she had been returned to the shelter three times before we brought her home.  Maggie was responsive to Brianne’s techniques.   Her behaviors and anxiety have decreased significantly since we got her and Brianne’s involvement has been instrumental.  Brianne shaped and tailored the class to each dogs needs and went at a good pace.  We highly recommend Brianne as a dog trainer.”



“We highly recommend Joyful Hearts Animal Behavior. Brianne came to the rescue when our cat Nike became increasingly aggressive . We were at our wits end and weren’t sure she would get back to normal. The vet did not have any answers for us. Brianne came to our house, worked on a plan with us, answered our questions and continued to follow up. We implemented the plan and within weeks, Nike started to improve. Today we have our faithful companion back and no more incidents! Thanks Brianne!”


Update: Nike has since had a few anxiety incidents but her owners know how to calm her down, helping them live a happy life together.